Friday, November 04, 2005

A Phrase You Never Thought You'd Hear: "And the winner is . . . Flunky!"

I keed! I keed 'cause I love!

Spotlight on Parkerites
Which of these prominent Parkerites would you most like to see featured in a special spotlight post?
Tell us about everyone's favorite whipping boy, the de-sainted Flunky! (4)
We want to hear about the power behind the throne, Flunky Lover! (2)
We're curious about that Parrothead, Pooh-bear! (1)
The "deceptive silence" comment intrigues us, tell us more of this Zinger! (1)
Diganos sobre Coronela! (1)
C'mon, you've barely scratched the surface of Wrath teh Berzerkr! (2)
We can't get our fill of Eeeeeevil, give us more Dr. G'ovich! (0)
We're dying to know more about the Eeeeevil One's wife, Rocket G'ovich! (0)
Parkerites, Shmarkerites, what about us Book Monkeys?!?! (3)
Yeah, what he said, but about The Singles! (1)

Total Votes: 15

It looks like I get to shine the blinding spotlight of truth and revelation on everyone's favorite future benevloent dictator, Flunky! Wrath and Flunky Lover were a close second out of the actual nominees, with votes spread evenly among everyone else except the members of Clan "If I never have to read that name on this blog again it will be too soon" G'ovich. And since there are apparently some impatient Book Monkeys out there, this week's poll shall try to appease their desperate cries for attention by selecting one of them as the target of a spotlight post all their own.