Saturday, November 26, 2005

Wrath and the Thanksgiving Curse

Here's a quick Thanksgiving-ish story for y'all, involving former roomie Wrath teh Berzerkr and his Thanksgiving curse.

During our Freshman year, Wrath and one of his friends drove to Norman for the OSU/OU Bedlam football game, which was taking place around Thanksgiving weekend; while there, they got into a wreck.

Fastforward to the next Thanksgiving, when Wrath was heading down to Talihina for Thanksgiving and, due to some operator error which I believe may have had to do with loose casette tapes, ran off the road and wrecked his car.

Of course, having two wrecks over the course of two Thanksgivings was enough to get the rest of our gang to decide that Wrath was cursed, and as the next November rolled around, we all started discussing just when and how the curse was going to strike that year.

Now, not too long before the Thanksgiving break, Wrath broke a toe or two while playing the Doc's "let's kick the crap out of each other" game, and was limping around. Since he had already invited the Doc home with him for the holiday (the Doc's family all being in San Diego), the Doc volunteered to drive Wrath's car so that Wrath wouldn't have to worry with driving with his injured foot. We all decided that letting Doc drive might be enough to stave off the curse.

Skip ahead to the Sunday after Thanksgiving; most of the rest of the gang had already made it back into town, so there were a few of us around to witness Wrath and Doc pulling up into our driveway in Wrath's parents' mini-van. The curse, it appeared, had struck again.

According to the duo, Doc had started getting a little sleepy towards the end of their drive down, so Wrath had volunteered to take over for the last hour or so and, after taking over the wheel, proceeded to have his third Thanksgiving wreck. We were all rolling over this, of course; it was just too perfect, too funny.

It was also, of course, total B.S.

In actuality, the trip down to Wrath's home was uneventful; the reason they had possession of the mini-van was that they used it to cart up stuff for his sister's place in OKC, and he would swap out their van for his vehicle in a few weeks. And after all of the teasing about the curse, it was just too perfect of an opportunity to pass up.

When they finally fessed up to me several weeks later, I wasn't upset over the joke itself; if I had been the sole target of it, it probably would have triggered my psychotic tendencies which were, if you will remember, in full swing by this point in time, but the joke had been aimed at pretty much or whole group, so I didn't feel singled out. Nor was I necessarily upset that they dragged it out for as long as they did, since, while I might not have been the first clued in, I know I wasn't the last.

No, what did bother me was that, in between the time of the joke and the time of the confession, Wrath had had a first date with a girl, and had not wanted his first impression on the girl to be driving around in the mini-van on the date, and so had asked if he could borrow my car. Now, for those of you who are familiar with my car and are surely thinking that even a mini-van would be less embarrasing than that, let me remind you that at this point I had only had the car for a few months, so it had not yet suffered through ten years of damage from my not-so-tender care. Anyway, the fact that he played on my sympathy for his car-less status when he asked for the favor instead of fessing up first was the only thing about the situation that bugged me at all. Other than that, a flawless prank, worthy of the names Wrath the Berzerkr and Dr. G'ovich.

My hat's off to you, gentlemen.


Anonymous said...

The more I read, the more I'm convinced you are just making stuff up.

Cap'n Neurotic said...

And the more I read, the more I'm convinced anonymous posters are just the Doc in disguise trying to provoke me.

See, we all have our own ludicrous assumptions to deal with, oh nameless one.

G'ovich said...

That one is me. Not sure why it went anonymous. wrong button I guess.

Cap'n Neurotic said...

I knew it!

And people call me paranoid . . .

Cap'n Neurotic said...

Oh, and I almost forgot:

You callin' me a liar, boy?