Tuesday, November 22, 2005

TV Tues - I Think Lex Luthor Said It Best

Yes, I'm behind; yes, it's partly my New Obsession's fault; yes, the fact that Arrested Development has been pulled from the schedule while The War At Home is still on makes me cry myself to sleep at night; what of it?

Let's get this out of the way so I can go back to obsessing.

Lost: I was unfortunately remiss last week in discussing Lost, which is one of those few shows that I insist on watching while it's on if at all humanly possible, just to avoid any and all potential spoilerage. I guess I had just discussed the episode so much with Zinger while it was on that it didn't dawn on me that I forgot to include it in my blog post. So, even though it's a little late in coming, I'd just like to say how danged thankful I was that Shannon was the doomed castaway; out of all the characters she has been the only one who I have detested from day one; the only other other characters that would have been acceptable to me are the horribly irrational Michael and the increasingly smug and self-righteous Jack; if the hand of death had fallen on either Locke or Hurley, there would have been much wailing and gnashing of teeth. As for the more recent episode which gave a Cliff's notes version of the first 40-odd days of the other group of survivors, I thought it was a pretty interesting ep; Zinger made the observation that apparently all of the whiny passengers were in the front section of the plane, to which I replied "Well, that is where all the pampered rich folks sit . . ." Zinger and I also concurred that hardcase Ana-Lucia makes Sayid look like a major league wussie; I'm ready for tomorrow night's ep to open with him launching himself at her in a rage over the death of Shannon, only to have her kick the living crap out of him. I'd pay good money for that show. My only complaint about the ep was that they brought in Dr. Mike Burton from the late lamented Ed as the potential traitor among the group, only to kill him off because he had served his red herring purpose; first he gets a recurring role on Scrubs just in time for them to decide not to put it in the Fall schedule, and now this. Poor Dr. Burton. And no, I can't remember what the actor's real name is, and I am currently too lazy to look him up; the whole time he was on screen, I kept wondering if he knew that Carol Vessey had been in a car wreck and hooked up with Dr. Jack. Have I mentioned how much I miss Ed?

My Name Is Earl: Lots of great moments in the ep as usual, but nothing beats the slow reveal of Randy watching Joy and Earl making out on the bed with a look of total abject horror on his face; the slow reveal is one of my favorite comedic devices, and this show often uses it to great effect. My other favorie touch of the ep was Joy's son calling Earl "Old Daddy."

The Office: So many great things with the background characters this ep, especially Kevin and his knowing looks to the camera. And here I shall confess my geek moment while watching this ep: I said Smallville mere instants before Dwight did: mock amongst yourselves.

Gilmore Girls: I swear, if Kelly Bishop does not get nominated for an Emmy for her performance next year, there will be serious consequences; serious, serious consequences. And yes, there will also be consequences if Lauren Graham doesn't get nominated as well, but man, that scene on the plane when Emily finally breaks down: heartbreaking stuff. On a lighter note, I enjoyed the revelation of Luke's daughter, funny and original, just what you'd expect from this show; while I may have reservations about where certain plot lines are heading, by this point I'm prepared to give Amy Sherman-Palladino the benefit of the doubt.

Supernatural: My first thought as the little kid climbed into the fridge was that somebody needs to show him that very special episode of Punky Brewster. Wonderful guest appearance by Loretta Devine as the psychic.

Desperate Housewives: I seriously underestimated just how far psycho-George would be willing to go to keep Bree; switching out Rex's meds was one thing, but assaulting the psychiatrist was quite another.

Bones: Watching Bones dealing with her accidental drug exposure was danged funny, as was her sudden love of hip-hop. It was odd seeing the jerkwad cop from The Closer show up as the highly religious father of the murder victim; I had so much dislike of his The Closer character that it sort of seeped into my view of the actor.

Oh, don't forget: CBS has juggled their schedule a bit, and the newest ep of Threshold is airing tonight at 9 instead of Friday